The simplified procedure has been introduced with a view to reduce the time taken for grant of licence after submission of application.  In this procedure, applicant is required to furnish the test report(s) of the sample(s) got tested by them in the BIS or  BIS recognized  laboratories, along with the application.  If the test report(s) and other documents are found satisfactory, a verification visit is carried out by BIS. The licence is granted thereafter, if the verification report is found satisfactory.  By this procedure the licence is expected to be granted within 30 days of receipt of application by BIS, provided all required documents are furnished and found satisfactory.

1 Application

Applicant has to submit application in the prescribed Application Form and a Self Evaluation-cum-Verification Report along with prescribed documents and a copy of test report not older than one month covering all requirements according to the relevant ISS from a  BIS orBIS recognized testing laboratory together with the specified application fee of Rs. 1000/- and verification fee of Rs.7000/-plus applicable taxes for grant of licence under Product Certification Scheme of BIS.

The application form along with prescribed documents and requisite fee is required to be submitted to the Branch Office under whose jurisdiction the manufacturing unit is located. Click here for locating relevant branch office. One application should be submitted for one product and for one manufacturing location.


The application form, documents to be attached with the application form including Self Evaluation-cum-Verification Report and list of BIS recognized labs is available on the BIS website.


The licence is granted to the applicant for varieties of products covered under a given Indian Standard amenable to certification if he has the capability to manufacture and test the product at the specified location. Applicant is also required to agree to operate the prescribed Scheme of Testing and Inspection (STI) and pay the Marking Fee during the course of operation of licence. Marking fee rates and STIs (different for different products) are available on BIS website (also see Para 2 under clause 3.1).

The test reports issued by the following laboratories will be accepted for processing the applications (also please see notes below):

a)BIS laboratories

b) Any BIS recognized laboratory

Note 1:  In case of BIS recognized labs, if the specific product is not covered in the list of items for which the laboratory is approved but are similar to the products for which the lab is approved, the test report of such lab may be accepted.

Note 2: Applicant shall invariably declare parameters, wherever applicable, at the time of submission of samples with laboratory for testing. For any clarification in this regard, laboratory or concerned BIS Branch office may be approached.

Note 3: Before submission of the samples for testing in any of the recognized labs, the applicant shall ensure from the laboratory preferably in writing that they have complete testing facility for the specific product and they shall issue complete test report as per relevant Indian Standards in a definite time period.

For products having testing facilities available only in BIS laboratories (and not in any of the labs indicated above) OR where the testing charges of the products in laboratories indicated above are several times higher than those charged by BIS laboratories, BIS laboratories would accept samples of such products from applicants and carryout testing after collecting testing charges fixed by BIS. Applicant however should clearly indicate the related Indian Standard Specification Number, quantity and description etc. of the product which they intend to get tested in their request to BIS lab for testing. Test Report shall be issued to prospective applicant by BIS laboratories and such test reports may contain endorsement on each page as “For BIS Internal Use Only”.

This scheme is applicable only for products which are voluntary certification scheme. Nearest BIS BO may be contacted to ascertain details for such products.



2 Recording

If the application is found complete in all respect along with Self Evaluation Report, Test Reports and other documents, it will be recorded and assigned an application number. The application is acknowledged and the number is conveyed to the applicant for future reference.

3 Processing

3.1 If verification is to be done by BIS Officer

The concerned BO where the application has been submitted further scrutinizes the application, self evaluation-cum-verification report and test report(s) submitted by the Applicant.  A factory visit is normally arranged within 15 days of the submission of application to verify capabilities of the organization with respect to Manufacturing and Testing facilities and competence of Quality Assurance Personnel.

During the visit, sample(s) of product from regular production is also tested, sealed for Independent Testing in BIS approved laboratory. After receipt of its Test Report(s), the case will be reviewed. If the sample is found failing, marking shall be stopped immediately.

In case of discrepancies observed during verification visit, all corrective actions shall be required to be completed by the applicant in such a time that process of grant of licence is complete within 30 days.  However, extension in time required for compliance, if any, shall be given to applicant in writing and thus, any delay will be in the account of applicant. The total time for processing the application in such cases shall not exceed three months. In such cases if the independent test report from BIS or its recognized laboratories (sample of which was drawn during verification visit) is received in the meantime and found failing, the application may be rejected and applicant advised to furnish fresh application under the normal procedure after improving the quality of the product.

4 Grant of Licence

Grant of licence shall be considered by the Competent Authority after scrutiny of required documents submitted by the applicant and verification of the same by BIS to its satisfaction as per BIS Act, Rules and Regulations and guidelines formulated for the purpose. The details of such documents are as under:


a)   Application (Form 1) (to be submitted by the applicant)

b)   Self Evaluation Report (Form II) ( to be submitted by the applicant along with application)

c)   Verification of the Self Evaluation Report

   (by BIS-Section B of Form II)

d)  Test report(s) submitted by the applicant meets the criteria of the ISS applied for.  Test report(s) submitted shall not be older than one month covering all requirements including long term tests, if any and tests on all raw materials (conformity of which have been specified as mandatory in the relevant Indian Standard).Testing shall be got done according to the relevant ISS from any of the labs indicated above for the particular product. Where applicant is using BIS Standard Marked raw materials, the applicant shall not be required to furnish test report of these raw materials. 

For products, where there is no testing facility available in any  of the laboratories indicated above,licence shall be granted based testing in the factory for which the applicant should have complete testing facility in-house for all tests as per related Indian Standards.

After processing for grant of licence is complete, the applicant is advised to deposit the advance minimum marking fee as applicable and the annual licence fee through Bank Draft within seven days and thereafter the approval letter of grant of licence is issued.

Process of grant of licence is expected to be completed within 30 days of submission of the application, if all pre-requisites are met by the applicant. At the time of submission of the application, it should be complete in all respects along with Fee, Self Evaluation Report, Valid Test Reports (not more than one month old) and other prescribed documents/ requisite details.

5. Validity

The initial validity period of the licence is one year. Licence can be renewed for further period of one/two years,  subject to satisfactory operation of licence as observed during periodic inspections, factory & independent testing of samples drawn from factory and market. The licensee shall apply to BIS on the prescribed Renewal Form along with renewal application fee of Rs. 500/-, annual licence fee of Rs. 1000/- and marking fee, as applicable.

6. Fee

1.    Application fee of Rs. 1000/-(to be submitted with the filled-up application)

2.  Charges for verification visit @ Rs. 7000/- per man day .  Advance annual minimum marking fee (as prescribed by BIS) (different for different products) (details available on BIS website) (To be deposited at the time of grant of licence and submission of renewal application) (Annual licence fee of Rs.1000/- is also to be paid at the time of grant of licence)

4. Renewal application Fee (Rs. 500/-) and Annual licence fee (Rs. 1000/-) (to be submitted at the time of renewal along with duly filled-in prescribed Renewal Form)

5.  The testing charges of the sample(s) drawn during verification visit( if  verification is done by BIS) shall be paid by the applicant along with the application or during verification visit which shall be adjusted in marking fee to be paid by the applicant at the time of grant of licence.

6.  Concession in minimum marking fee for second or subsequent licences would be applicable as under: 

Minimum Marking Fee (in Rs)

Concession (in Rs)

Upto 29000


29001 to 32000

Minimum Marking fee minus 29000

32001 to 50000


50001 to 100000

5000,  subject to minimum MF of 47000

Above 100000

8000,  subject to minimum MF of 95000

 Note: Licence with highest minimum marking fee shall be treated as the first licence, for the purpose of concession in Minimum Marking Fee.

8. Applicable Govt. taxes

For further information please contact:  Branch office under whose jurisdiction the manufacturer is located. (