Commonly Observed Deficiencies in Applications

To overcome the commonly observed deficiencies in applications, following may be noted before submission of application:

  • Contact detail (especially email address) of the contact person(s) of applicant & Authorized Indian Representative (AIR) must be provided while submitting application. Application must be signed by CEO or his authorized representative and AIR.

  • Clearly indicate ‘Title’ and ‘Product Detail’ as per ISS.

  • Clearly indicate size/type/grade etc. of the product for which licence is sought to facilitate proper scrutiny/sampling/grant of licence.

  • Provide detail of earlier licence(s) /application(s) cancelled/rejected.

  • Manufacturing Machinery & Test Equipment details should be provided in the prescribed proforma alongwith calibration status, wherever applicable (Click here, for proforma).

  • Layout of the factory must include location of major machinery & laboratory.

  • In house test report should be submitted for all requirements showing conformity of the product to all applicable Indian Standards (Click here, for proforma).

  • English translated copy of documents should be submitted, wherever applicable.