Inclusion of new varieties

Licensee can get new varieties/grades/types included in the existing licence by way of compliance to the following :

  • Submission of original test report(s) from BIS recognized laboratories showing conformity of the product to relevant Indian Standard(s) and details of additional manufacturing and/or testing facilities in the prescribed format, as applicable.

  • payment of applicable charges (Click here for detail of charges).

    Note : The test reports of the product shall not be more than 30 days old. The period for counting 30 days shall be from the date of issue of the test reports to the date of receipt of the test reports in FMCD. In case of multiple test reports for one product, the latest product test report shall not be more than 30 days old and the oldest product test report shall not be more than 90 days old. In case of de-recognition/suspension of BIS recognized laboratory, the acceptance of test reports from such laboratories shall be as per the policy of BIS.