Consumer Affairs

Consumer Affairs Department aims to achieve the following:

All complaints about BIS certified products or services provided by BIS can be sent to Public Grievance Officers (PGOs) appointed by BIS at all locations where BIS offices exist. The PGOs after necessary verification of supporting documents forward the complaint to Consumer Affairs Department (CAD) at Head Quarters for recording of the complaint centrally.

Complaints can be lodged in writing, online on BIS website or through Mobile Application of BIS. For all recorded complaints against ISI marked products or services relating to its activities such as Product Certification, Standard Formulation, Management System Certification, Sale of Standards and Publications, Training etc, redressal is done in a time bound manner.

Monitoring of complaints is done centrally by Consumer Affairs Department. In case, complainant is not satisfied with the redressal of the complaint, he/she may prefer an appeal before Additional Director General of BIS.