BIS MSCS Features

    • BIS is the only organization in India which operates Management Systems Certification Scheme under an Act of Parliament.
    • BIS is the  National Standards Body (NSB) of India and represents the country in the international forum on standardization including International Organization for Standardization [ISO and International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC)]
    • Being member of ISO, BIS takes part in the deliberations of the Technical Committee such as ISO/TC 176 and ISO/TC 207 responsible for formulation of ISO 9000 series of standards and 14000 series.
    • ISO is not operating any certification scheme.  However, it has compiled a directory of certification bodies world over and as expected, the name of BIS is included in the directory.
    • BIS has large resources as auditors & experts throughout the country leading to more economic operation of certifications scheme.
    • BIS has a wide network of regional offices and branch offices for providing timely and efficient service.
    • BIS is a non-profit organization and hence certification services are very cost effective.

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