Latest News/Circulars/Office Orders (Last 30 days)

Sl No Department Note/Circular No Title of the Doc Date of Posting
1   Legal   LAW/10/15/2014   Proposed Draft Amendments to the BIS Act, 1986   3-9-2014  
2   CMD-II (Leg)   CMD-II/16: 990   Finalization and Implementation of tentative STI and marking fee for Stainless steel spoons as per IS 990:1982.   2-9-2014  
3   ADG Sec   ADG(AP)/ Legal/BIS Act/2381   Circular (Urgent)   2-9-2014  
4   CTCC   CTCC/LRS/OSL-8125516   Revocation of suspension of recognition   2-9-2014  
5   Legal   LAW/24/1/2014   Stakeholders’ Meeting for comments/suggestions on the proposed amendments to the Consumer Protection Act, 1986 and the Legal Metrology Act, 2009   2-9-2014  
6   CMD-II (Leg)   CMD-II/16:12817   Second revision of IS 12817(Stainless Steel Butt Hinges).   2-9-2014  
7   MSCD   Audits Oct-Dec 2014   Quarterly Schedule of audits Oct-Dec 2014   2-9-2014  
8   CMD-II (Leg)   CMD-II/16:7283   Grouping Guidelines for certification of Hot Rolled Bars for the production of Bright Bars and Machined parts for engineering as per IS 7283:1992   2-9-2014  
9   HRD   HRD/APAR (2012-2013)   Annual Performance Assessment Report (APAR) for Scientific Cadre Officer for the year 2012-13   1-9-2014  
10   PP&C(T&C)   PP&C(T&C)/51:1   Revision of BIS Testing Charges.   1-9-2014  
11   CMD-II (Leg)   CMD-2(Legal)/16:16098(Part 2)   Finalization and implementation of tentative STI for IS 16098 (Part 2):2013, Specification for Structured Wall Plastic Piping Systems for Non-Pressure Drainage and Sewerage - Pipes and Fittings with non-smooth external surface, Type-B   29-8-2014  
12   CMD-II (Leg)   CMD-II(Legal)/16:7904   Finalization of Grouping Guidelines & tentative STI for IS 7904:1995, Specification for High Carbon Steel Rods   29-8-2014  
13   CMD-II (Leg)   CMD-II (Legal)/16:1109   Finalization of Tentative STI for IS 1109:1980, Specification for Borax   29-8-2014  
14   Hindi   हिन्दी   हिन्दी पखवाड़ा/सप्ताह 2014 के अवसर पर महानिदेशक महोदय की अपील   29-8-2014  
15   CMD-II (Leg)   CMD-II/16: 5405   Finalization and Implementation of tentative STI and marking fee for Sanitary Napkins as per IS 5405:1980.   29-8-2014  
16   ITSD   ITS/14:1   Creation of official e-mail IDs for staff in branch Offices.   29-8-2014  
17   CMD-II (Leg)   STI-14182   Solvent Cement for use with unplasticized polyvinyl plastic pipe and fittings   28-8-2014  
18   FAD   FAD 4/T   Reaffirmation of Indian Standards   28-8-2014  
19   ITSD   ITS/14:1   Creation of official e-mail IDs for staff   28-8-2014  
20   NRTC   NRTC/LRS/OSL(9123236)   Renewal of Recognition   28-8-2014  
21   Admin   BIS/DGO(409)/2014   Duties and responsibilities of Protocol Officer   28-8-2014  
22   CMD-II (Leg)   STI-2185(P-3)   STI-2185(P-3)   27-8-2014  
23   CMD-II (Leg)   CMD-II/16:12269   Implementation of Revised STI for IS 12269:2013 (53 Gr OPC)   27-8-2014  
24   MHD   IS: 15461:2004   Performance Guidelines for quality assurance in hospital services upto 100-bedded hospitals.   26-8-2014  
25   CMD-II (Leg)   CMD-Legal /1   Amendment No. 35 to Operating Manual for Product Certification 2004   25-8-2014  
27   CMD-II (Leg)   CMD-Legal /1   Amendment No. 33 to Operating Manual for Product Certification 2004   22-8-2014  
28   CMD-II (Leg)   .   Revision of IS 14543:2004   21-8-2014  
29   IR&TISD   IR&TISD/Guidelines   Guidelines for Foreign Deputation of BIS Officers and Non-BIS Delegates under Own Funding or under the scheme of 'National System for Standardization Strengthening Standardization at National and International level' / BIS Funds   21-8-2014  
30   P&C   P&C/3:7/597   Office Memorandum   20-8-2014  
31   DLBO-EEE   DLBO-EEE/G-7   Retirement of Smt. Veena Gupta, Section Officer   20-8-2014  
32   GSD   सुरषा/निदेश/1:1   आफिस बंद होने के पश्चाीत् बिजली के उपकरण व खिड़कियां बन्दा करने हेतु।   20-8-2014  
33   NITS   TI/ 8:6   On Job Training of Newly recruited Sc B   20-8-2014  
34   Admin   BIS/DGO (408)/2014   Audit of Branch Offices in the Region by DDGRs   14-8-2014  
35   CMD-II (Leg)   FAD 14 (2660) F   Revision of IS 14543:2004   14-8-2014  
36   CMD-II (Leg)   CMD-II/16:13592   Implementation of STI for revised Indian Standard Specification IS 13592:2013 for Unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC-U) Pipes For Soil And Waste Discharge System For Inside And Outside Buildings Including Ventilation And Rain Water System   14-8-2014  
37   CMD-II (Leg)   CMD-II/16:9573   STI for revised Indian Standard Specification IS 9573:2012 for RUBBER HOSE FOR LIQUEFIED PETROLEUM GAS (LPG).   13-8-2014  
38   CMD-I   CMD-I(BD)/G-5   Farewell to Shri Vijay Kumar Chopra, P.S.   13-8-2014  
39   BNT&C   BNBL/Lab/MCR   RUSH SAMPLES of Electrical Products for testing at Bangalore Laboratory (Electrical Section)   13-8-2014  
40   GSD   Sec/1:2   Security Arrangements in Connection with Independence Day Celebration, 2014   11-8-2014  
42   CMD-III   CMD-III/16:1238   Implementation of revised IS 1238:2005 Hurricane Lanterns and revised STI's (Doc:STI/1238/2 July 2005)   8-8-2014  
43   CMD-III   CMD-III/16:848   Implementation of revised IS 848: 2006 Synthetic Resin Adhesives for Plywood (Phenolic and Aminoplastic) - Specification   8-8-2014  
44   CMD-III   CMD-III/16:5456   Implementation of revised standard IS 5456:2006 for Positive Displacement Type Air Compressors and Exhausters and Revised Doc: STI/5456/3 September,2007   8-8-2014  
45   CMD-II (Leg)   STI/14203/1   Finalization and Implementation of STI for IS 14203:1999, Specification for Fire Resisting Record Protection Cabinets.   8-8-2014  
46   CMD-II (Leg)   STI/10238/1   Finalization and Implementation of STI for IS 10238:2001, Specification for Fasteners-Threaded Steel Fastner-Step bolts for steel structures   8-8-2014  
47   CMD-II   CMD-II/16:13801   STI for revised Indian Standard Specification IS 13801:2013 for CHEQURED CEMENT CONCRETE TILES.   8-8-2014  
48   CMD-II (Leg)   CMD-II/16: 13258   Subject: Guidelines for switching over to IS 13258:2014, Welded low carbon steel cylinders exceeding 5 litres W.C. for low pressure liquefiable gas- Requirements for inspection and reconditioning of used LPG cylinders – specification   7-8-2014  
49   CMD-II (Leg)   CMD-II(Legal)/1   Proposals forwarded by BOs including situations not covered in OMPC   7-8-2014  
50   CMD-II (Leg)   CMD-II/16:1664   Arrangement for Testing Cu,Fe,Zn and Mn in Mineral Mixture for Cattle   7-8-2014  
51   Admin   BIS/DGO( 407)/2014   Handling and Transportation of Samples & Inspections of BOs by DDGRs   6-8-2014  
52   Accounts   BIS/HQ/Accounts/Circular(12)/2014   Separate Account Head for the money recovered from A&H Centre   6-8-2014  
53   CMD-II (Leg)   CMD-II/16: 15962   Tentative MF,STI for IS 15962-2012   5-8-2014  
54   CMD-II (Leg)   CMD-II/16: 418   Implementation of Amendment No 5 January 2014 to IS 418:2004 Tungsten Filament Lamps for Domestic and Similar General Lighting Purpose - Specification.   5-8-2014  
55   CMD-II (Leg)   CMD-II/16: 15962   Tentative MF,STI for IS 15962-2012   5-8-2014