1G/TBT//N/BRA/615BrazilHorses, live, breeding material. Pure-bred breeding animals (HS: 010.111)GTBTN14BRA615.doc
2G/TBT//N/JPN/474JapanHousehold productsGTBTN14JPN474.doc
3G/TBT/N/ARE/244United Arab EmiratesFoodstuffs: Maximum limits of pesticides residues and contaminants in organic food. Pesticides and other agrochemicals (ICS: 65.100), Food products in general (ICS: 67.040)GTBTN14ARE244.doc
4G/TBT/N/ARE/245United Arab EmiratesEscalators and moving walksGTBTN14ARE245.doc
5G/TBT/N/BRA/613Brazil(HS 2204) Wine; (HS 200960) Grapejuice, sweetend or not; (HS 220900) Vinegar. Wine of fresh grapes, including fortified wines; grape must other than that of heading 20.09. (HS: 2204), Vinegar and substitutes for vinegar obtained from acetic acid. (HS: 220GTBTN14BRA613.doc
6G/TBT/N/BRA/614BrazilRefrigerators/ freezers displays etc. (HS 8418). Refrigerators, freezers and other refrigerating or freezing equipment, electric or other; heat pumps other than air conditioning machines of heading 84.15.GTBTN14BRA614.doc
7G/TBT/N/CAN/434CanadaHydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) (ICS: 13.020)GTBTN14CAN434.doc
8G/TBT/N/CAN/435CanadaPrescription status of medicinal ingredients for human use (ICS: 11.120; HS: 3004.90)GTBTN14CAN435.doc
9G/TBT/N/CHL/293ChilePharmaceutical productsGTBTN14CHL293.doc
11G/TBT/N/EU/253European UnionBiocidal productsGTBTN14EU253.doc
12G/TBT/N/EU/254European UnionInternal combustion engines to be installed in non-road mobile machineryGTBTN14EU254.doc
13G/TBT/N/EU/255European UnionLiquid consumer laundry detergents, as defined in Article 2(1a) of Regulation (EC) No 648/2004 of the European Parliament and of the Council (OJ L 104, 8.4.2004, p. 1)GTBTN14EU255.doc
14G/TBT/N/EU/256European UnionElectrical and electronic equipment (EEE)GTBTN14EU256.doc
15G/TBT/N/GEO/84GeorgiaTobacco, tobacco products and related equipment (ICS: 65.160)GTBTN14GEO84.doc
16G/TBT/N/GEO/85GeorgiaAir quality (ICS: 13.040), Air quality in general (ICS: 13.040.01), Workplace atmospheres (ICS: 13.040.30)GTBTN14GEO85.doc
17G/TBT/N/GEO/86GeorgiaAir quality (ICS: 13.040), Air quality in general (ICS: 13.040.01)GTBTN14GEO86.doc
18G/TBT/N/GEO/87GeorgiaAmbient atmospheres (ICS: 13.040.20)GTBTN14GEO87.doc
19G/TBT/N/GEO/88GeorgiaRadiation protection (ICS: 13.280)GTBTN14GEO88.doc
20G/TBT/N/JPN/475JapanCommercial vehicles with gross vehicle weight of 3.5 tons or less, that are fueled with gasoline or diesel oilGTBTJPN475.doc
21G/TBT/N/KEN/439KenyaFats of bovine animals, sheep or goats, other than those of heading 15.03. (HS: 150200). Animal and vegetable fats and oils (ICS: 67.200.10)GTBTN14KEN439.doc
22G/TBT/N/KEN/440KenyaProcessed cheese, not grated or powdered (HS: 040630). Cheese (ICS: 67.100.30)GTBTN14KEN440.doc
23G/TBT/N/KEN/441KenyaCheese and curd (HS: 0406). Cheese (ICS: 67.100.30)GTBTN14KEN441.doc
24G/TBT/N/KOR/539Republic of KoreaHuman tissuesGTBTN14KOR539.doc
25G/TBT/N/KOR/540Republic of KoreaPharmaceuticalsGTBTN14KOR540.doc
26G/TBT/N/KOR/541Republic of KoreaIntegration Public Network Radio EquipmentGTBTN14KOR541.doc
27G/TBT/N/KOR/542Republic of KoreaPharmaceuticalsGTBTN14KOR542.doc
28G/TBT/N/KOR/543Republic of KoreaChildrens products GTBTN14KOR543.doc
29G/TBT/N/KOR/544Republic of KoreaElectrical appliances and industrial productsGTBTN14KOR544.doc
30G/TBT/N/KWT/250KuwaitMotorcycles, mopeds, motor tricycles, ATV and their tyres (HS Code 8711 and 4011.40) GTBTN14KWT250.doc
31G/TBT/N/KWT/251KuwaitFoodstuffs: maximum limits of pesticides residues and contaminants in organic food (ICS Code: 65.100 and 67.040)GTBTN14KWT251.doc
32G/TBT/N/KWT/252KuwaitMicrobiological criteria for foodstuffs (ICS Code: 67.050)GTBTN14KWT252.doc
33G/TBT/N/KWT/253KuwaitFoodstuffs: Sweeteners permitted for use in food products (ICS Code: 67.220)GTBTN14KWT253.doc
34G/TBT/N/KWT/254KuwaitICS: 87.040.00GTBTN14KWT254.doc
35G/TBT/N/KWT/255KuwaitMaximum Residues Limits (MRLs) of Veterinary Drugs In Food (ICS: 67.040.00)GTBTN14KWT255.doc
36G/TBT/N/KWT/256KuwaitFoodstuffs: additives permitted for use in foodstuffs (ICS Code: 67.220.20)GTBTN14KWT256.doc
37G/TBT/N/KWT/257KuwaitTamarind (pulp) (ICS Code: 67.080.10)GTBTN14KWT257.doc
38G/TBT/N/OMN/192OmanFoodstuffs: Maximum limits of pesticides residues and contaminants in organic food (ICS Code: 65.100 and 67.040)GTBTN14OMN192.doc
39G/TBT/N/OMN/193OmanMicrobiological criteria for foodstuffs (ICS Code: 67.050)GTBTN14OMN193.doc
40G/TBT/N/OMN/194OmanFoodstuffs: Sweeteners permitted for use in food products (ICS Code: 67.180.10)GTBTN14OMN194.doc
41G/TBT/N/OMN/195OmanMaximum residues limits (Mrls) of veterinary drugs in food (ICS: 67.040.00)GTBTN14OMN195.doc
42G/TBT/N/RUS/41russiaPoultry meat and poultry processed productsGTBTN14RUS41.doc
43G/TBT/N/SAU/811Saudi ArabiaAnimal slaughtering requirements according to Islamic Law (ICS Code: 67.040)GTBTN14SAU811.doc
44G/TBT/N/SAU/812Saudi ArabiaGeneral requirements for Halal food (ICS Code: 67.040)GTBTN14SAU812.doc
45G/TBT/N/SAU/813Saudi ArabiaCocoa powders (cocoas) and dry mixtures of cocoa and sugars (ICS Code: 67.140.30 )GTBTN14SAU813.doc
46G/TBT/N/SAU/814Saudi ArabiaBlack pepper, whole and ground (ICS Code: 67.220)GTBTSAU814.doc
47G/TBT/N/SAU/815Saudi ArabiaWhite pepper, whole and ground (ICS Code: 67.220)GTBTN14SAU815.doc
48G/TBT/N/SAU/822Saudi ArabiaRequirements for handling of ready-to-eat-foods (ICS 67.230)GTBTN14SAU822.doc
49G/TBT/N/SAU/823Saudi ArabiaBaking powder (ICS Code: 67.060 )GTBTN14SAU823.doc
50G/TBT/N/TPKM/191TaiwanCement products (refer to attachment)GTBTN14TPKM191.doc
51G/TBT/N/UKR/98UkraineGoods that are packed by weight and by volume into prepared packagesGTBTN14UKR98.doc
52G/TBT/N/USA/936United State Of AmericaMotorcycle brake systems. Motorcycles and mopeds (ICS: 43.140)GTBTN14USA936.doc
53G/TBT/N/USA/939United State Of AmericaRecreational off highway vehicles (ROVs). Special purpose vehicles (ICS: 43.160)GTBTN14USA939.doc
54G/TBT/N/USA/940United State Of AmericaFood labeling. Food products in general (ICS: 67.040)GTBTN14USA940.doc
55G/TBT/N/USA/941United State Of AmericaOrganic products. Food products in general (ICS: 67.040)GTBTN14USA941.doc
56G/TBT/N/USA/942United State Of AmericaRefrigeration products. Refrigerators, freezers and other refrigerating or freezing equipment, electric or other; heat pumps other than air conditioning machines of heading 84.15 (HS: 8418). Environmental protection (ICS: 13.020), Shop fittings (ICS: 97.1GTBTN14USA942.doc
57G/TBT/N/USA/943United State Of AmericaAirplane fuel tanks. Accident and disaster control (ICS: 13.200), Explosion protection (ICS: 13.230), Aircraft and space vehicles in general (ICS: 49.020)GTBTN14USA943.doc
58G/TBT/N/USA/944United State Of AmericaPrescription drug and biological product labeling; Pharmaceutics (ICS: 11.120)GTBTN14USA944.doc