WTO TBT Notifications Index

August 2008

1G/TBT/N/ARM/67ArmeniaElectricity systems and related structuresGTbtn08ARM67.doc
2g/tbt/n/arm/68ArmeniaBoilers and rules for safe exploitationGTbtn08ARM68.doc
3G/TBT/N/ARM/69ArmeniaForage, materials coming in contact with forage, forage additives.GTbtn08ARM69.doc
4G/TBT/N/BRA/296BrazilIsolating rubber glovesgtbtn08BRA296.doc
6G/TBT/N/BRA/298BrazilPersonal Protective Equipmentgtbtn08BRA298.doc
7g/tbt/n/can/248CanadaFood allergens derived from any of the following foods: almonds, Brazil nuts, cashews, hazelnuts, macadamia nuts, pecans, pine nuts, pistachios and walnuts, peanuts, sesame seeds, wheat, kamut, spelt, triticale, eggs, milk, soybeans, crustaceans, shellfisgtbtn08CAN248.doc
8G/TBT/N/CAN/249CanadaMotor Vehicles, Motor Vehicle Systems (ICS: 43.020, 43.040)GTbtn08CAN249.doc
9G/TBT/N/CAN/250CanadaVehicle Identification Number (VIN) (ICS: 43.020)GTbtn08CAN250.doc
10G/TBT/N/CAN/251CanadaAircraft (ICS: 33.020, 49.020)GTbtn08CAN251.doc
11G/TBT/N/CHN/342ChinaJewellery and correlative products, including precious metal jewellery, base metal alloys jewellery and correlative products. (ICS: 39.060) gtbtn08chn432.doc
12G/TBT/N/CHN/429ChinaMotorcycles and mopedsgtbtn08chn429.doc
13G/TBT/N/CHN/430ChinaMopeds (ICS: 43.140; HS:8711)gtbtn08chn430.doc
14G/TBT/N/CHN/431ChinaMotorcycles ICS: 43.140; HS: 8711)gtbtn08chn431.doc
15G/TBT/N/CHN/433ChinaEdison screw lampholders specially used for explosion-proof luminaires (ICS: 29.140.10) gtbtn08chn433.doc
16G/TBT/N/CHN/434ChinaPortable induction cooker (ICS: 97.040.10) gtbtn08chn434.doc
17G/TBT/N/CHN/435ChinaDisinfecting Tableware Cabinets (ICS: 97.040.40; HS: Y63)gtbtn08chn435.doc
18G/TBT/N/CHN/436ChinaHigh-voltage alternating current switch-fuse combinations designed with nominal voltages above 3 kV up to and including 35 kV, frequencies of 50 Hz used in three-phase alternating current systems for indoor or outdoor installations (ICS: 29.120.60; HS: gtbtn08chn436.doc
19G/TBT/N/CHN/437ChinaTransportable motor operated single spindle vertical moulders (ICS: 25.140.20).gtbtn08chn437.doc
20G/TBT/N/CHN/438ChinaTransportable motor operated planers and thicknessers (ICS: 25.140.20)gtbtn08chn438.doc
21G/TBT/N/CHN/439ChinaHand held motor-operated electric tile saws (ICS: 25.140.20; HS: 84672990).gtbtn08chn439.doc
22G/TBT/N/CHN/440ChinaLarge steam sterilizers (ICS: 11.080.10; HS: 8419)GTbtn08CHN440.doc
23G/TBT/N/CHN/441ChinaConventional moisture regains of textiles (ICS: 59.080.01, HS: 5001 - 5604, 5801 - 5804, 6001 - 6310).GTbtn08CHN441.doc
24G/TBT/N/CHN/442ChinaRetail commodityGTbtn08CHN442.doc
25g/tbt/n/col/115ColombiaZinc-carbon and alkaline cells and batteries: HS tariff subheadings 8506.10, 8506.10.11.00, 8506.10.19.00, 8506.10.91, 8506.10.91.10, 8506.10.91.90, 8506.10.99.00 and 8506.80GTbtn08COL115.doc
26G/TBT/N/CRI/80Costa RicaInternational Classification for Standards (ICS) code 67.100.40gtbtn08CRI80.doc
27G/TBT/N/CRI/81Costa RicaInternational Classification for Standards (ICS) Code 67.100gtbtn08CRI81.doc
28G/TBT/N/CRI/82Costa RicaInternational Classification for Standards (ICS) Code 67.100.01GTbtn08CRI82.doc
29g/tbt/n/slv/122El SalvadorFish and fishery products: HS chapter 03 and tariff headings 1603 to 1605 (International Classification for Standards (ICS) code 67.120.30).GTbtn08SLV122.doc
30g/tbt/n/slv/123El SalvadorFish and fishery products: HS chapter 03 and tariff headings 16.03 to 16.05 (International Classification for Standards (ICS) code 67.120.30).GTbtn08SLV123.doc
31g/tbt/n/slv/124El SalvadorFish and fishery products: HS chapter 03 and tariff headings 1603 to 1605 (International Classification for Standards (ICS) code 67.120.30)GTbtn08SLV124.doc
32G/TBT/N/EEC/205European CommunitiesAnimal by-products.GTbtn08EEC205.doc
33G/TBT/N/EEC/206European CommunitiesMotor vehiclesGTbtn08EEC206.doc
34g/tbt/n/eec/207European Communities49 pesticide active substances. gtbtn08EEC207.doc
35G/TBT/N/EEC/208European CommunitiesElectrical and electronic household and office equipment.gtbtn08EEC208.doc
36G/TBT/N/EEC/209European CommunitiesAny goods or services which are supplied for distribution, consumption or use on the Community market whether in return for payment or free of charge. Concerning food products, it shall only apply to processed food and to the products of fishing and aquagtbtn08EEC209.doc
37G/TBT/N/EEC/210European CommunitiesFresh fruit and vegetables (ICS: 67)GTbtn08EEC210.doc
38g/tbt/n/fra/86FranceFairground and amusement park attractions and rides, machinery and structuresGTbtn08FRA86.doc
39G/TBT/N/FRA/87FranceFairground and amusement park attractions and rides, machinery and structures (fixed equipment).gtbtn08FRA87.doc
40G/TBT/N/IND/35IndiaAll gasoline/CNG/LPG and diesel vehicles covered by the Central Motor Vehicles Rules 1989 and its subsequent amendments.GTbtn08IND35.doc
41G/TBT/N/ISR/216IsraelThis proposal for a Regulation lays down rules for the establishment and application of the Community Ecolabel scheme. It is designed to replace Regulation (EC) No 1980/2000 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 17 July 2000 on a revised Commugtbtn08ISR216.doc
42G/TBT/N/ISR/217IsraelLamp controlgear gtbtn08ISR217.doc
43G/TBT/N/ISR/218IsraelAquarium luminaires gtbtn08ISR218.doc
44G/TBT/N/ISR/219IsraelPortable fire extinguishers (HS: 84.24.100; ICS: 13.220.10) gtbtn08ISR219.doc
45g/tbt/n/isr/220IsraelLow-voltage switchgear and controlgear assemblies (HS: 85.35; ICS: 29.130.20, 29.240.99).gtbtn08ISR220.doc
46g/tbt/n/isr/221IsraelBiodiesel gtbtn08ISR221.doc
47G/TBT/N/ISR/222IsraelVentilation for buildings (ICS: 91.140.30).gtbtn08ISR222.doc
48G/TBT/N/ISR/223IsraelTungsten lamps GTbtn08ISR223.doc
49G/TBT/N/ISR/224IsraelTungsten lamps (HS: 8539.2110; ICS: 29.140.20).GTbtn08ISR223.doc
50G/TBT/N/ISR/225IsraelElectric dishwashers (HS: 8422.11; ICS: 97.040.40).GTbtn08ISR225.doc
51G/TBT/N/ISR/226IsraelSlabs for stair surfacing (HS: 6802.90 ; ICS: 91.060.30, 91.100.15).GTbtn08ISR226.doc
52G/TBT/N/ISR/227IsraelSemiconductor converters (HS: 85.02, 8504.40.70; ICS: 31.080, 29.200, 17.220, 31.100.10).GTbtn08ISR227.doc
53G/TBT/N/ISR/228IsraelSemiconductor converters (HS: 85.02, 8504.40.70; ICS: 31.080, 29.200, 17.220, 31.100.10).GTbtn08ISR228.doc
54G/TBT/N/ISR/229IsraelFluorescent lamps (HS: 8539.30; ICS: 29.140.30).GTbtn08ISR229.doc
55G/TBT/N/ISR/230IsraelUninterruptible power systems (UPS) (HS: 8504.40.70; ICS: 29.200, 17.220, 31.100.10).GTbtn08ISR230.doc
56G/TBT/N/JPN/263JapanThe chemical substances pursuant to the provision of item 3-2 of Article 2 of the Industrial Safety and Health Law (Law No. 57 of 1947) and the mixture of the said chemical substances (hereinafter referred to as "the chemical substances, etc.").gtbtn08JPN263.doc
57G/TBT/N/JPN/264JapanMotor vehicles (HS: 87.01-08, 87.11, 87.13-14 and 87.16)gtbtn08JPN264.doc
58G/TBT/N/KEN/120KenyaMedical gases (ICS: 11.040)GTbtn08KEN120.doc
59G/TBT/N/KEN/121KenyaMedical gases ( ICS: 11.040)GTbtn08KEN121.doc
60G/TBT/N/BHR/59Kingdom of BahrainBottled Drinking Water (HS: 22 01 90 90) 
61G/TBT/N/BHR/60Kingdom of BahrainCigarettes (ICS: 56.160)GTbtn08BHR60.doc
62G/TBT/N/BHR/61Kingdom of BahrainFruit Flavored Moassel Tobacco (ICS: 56.160)GTbtn08BHR61.doc
63g/tbt/n/bhr/63Kingdom of BahrainLoose Dates gtbtn08BHR63.doc
64g/tbt/n/bhr/64Kingdom of BahrainOrgans and Viscera of Mutton, Goat, Cattle, Camel and Buffalo (Chilled and Frozen) (ICS: 67.120.10)gtbtn08BHR64.doc
65g/tbt/n/bhr/65Kingdom of BahrainAqueous Coconut Products: Coconut Milk and Coconut Creamgtbtn08BHR65.doc
66G/TBT/N/BHR/66Kingdom of BahrainEdible Casein and Caseinatesgtbtn08BHR66.doc
67G/TBT/N/BHR/67Kingdom of BahrainEdible Vegetable Oilsgtbtn08BHR67.doc
68G/TBT/N/BHR/68Kingdom of BahrainDried Meat GTbtn08BHR68.doc
69G/TBT/N/BHR/69Kingdom of BahrainPrepared Meats: Dry and semi-dry fermented sausage (ICS: 67.120.10)GTbtn08BHR69.doc
70G/TBT/N/BHR/70Kingdom of BahrainSoybeansGTbtn08BHR70.doc
71G/TBT/N/BHR/71Kingdom of BahrainSalted Fish (ICS: 67.120.30)GTbtn08BHR71.doc
72G/TBT/N/BHR/72Kingdom of BahrainRecommendation of handling Energy drinks.GTbtn08BHR72.doc
73G/TBT/N/BHR/73Kingdom of BahrainGuavaGTbtn08BHR73.doc
74G/TBT/N/BHR/74Kingdom of BahrainCanned ChestnutsGTbtn08BHR74.doc
75G/TBT/N/BHR/76Kingdom of BahrainShellfish - Part 2: Chilled and frozen sea crab (ICS: 67.120.30)GTbtn08BHR76.doc
76G/TBT/N/BHR/77Kingdom of BahrainAnimal Feedingstuffs - BarleyGTbtn08BHR77.doc
77G/TBT/N/BHR/78Kingdom of BahrainAnimal feedingstuffs - Feeds for Dairy CattleGTbtn08BHR78.doc
78g/tbt/n/mex/147MexicoPlaces of workGTbtn08MEX147.doc
79G/TBT/N/MEX/149MexicoPersons carrying out work or activities relating to the artificial infiltration of rainwater and surface runoff into soil and subsoil through installations or groups of installations with a capacity exceeding 60 litres per second (l/s).gtbtn08MEX149.doc
80G/TBT/N/MEX/150MexicoPersons carrying out activities involving the application of methods that must be used to combat and control bark insects.gtbtn08MEX150.doc
81g/tbt/n/mex/151MexicoMedical care providersgtbtn08MEX151.doc
82g/tbt/n/mex/152MexicoExploitation of aquatic animal resources in the Netzahualcóyotl (Malpaso) reservoir, located in the municipalities of Berriozábal, Tecpatán and Ocozocoautla de Espinosa in the State of Chiapasgtbtn08MEX152.doc
83g/tbt/n/mex/153MexicoPaints, inks, varnishes, lacquers and enamelsgtbtn08MEX153.doc
84g/tbt/n/n/mex/153MexicoPaints, inks, varnishes, lacquers and enamelsgtbtn08MEX153.doc
85G/TBT/N/NZL/46New ZealandAll tariff numbers in chapters 1-22 of the working tariff code are included.gtbtn08NZL46.doc
86G/TBT/N/OMN/37OmanHALAL food.gtbtn08OMN37.doc
87g/tbt/n/per/20PeruHS 8481 Taps, cocks, valves and similar appliances for pipes, boiler shells, tanks, vats or the like, including pressure-reducing valves and thermostatically controlled valvesgtbtn08PER20.doc
88g/tbt/n/kor/180Republic of KoreaPharmaceutical - Oral solids (tablets and capsules)GTbtn08KOR180.doc
89g/tbt/n/kor/181Republic of Koreabeef, pork, chicken, rice, Kimchigtbtn08KOR181.doc
90G/TBT/N/KOR/182Republic of KoreaFoodsgtbtn08KOR182.doc
91G/TBT/N/KOR/183Republic of KoreaHerbal medicine, etc.gtbtn08KOR183.doc
92G/TBT/N/ZAF/86Saudi ArabiaSunflower seed (HS: 12.06)gtbtn08zaf85.doc
93g/tbt/n/gp/5SingaporeMotor vehicle namely a mechanically propelled vehicle intended or adapted for use on public roads which are part of HS87.03 and HS87.04. The motor vehicle (not being motor cycles or second-hand goods) shall be constructed for the carriage of:GTbtn08SGP5.doc
94g/tbt/n/sgp/4Singapore8451 2100:Single-phase clothes dryer namely an assembly consisting of a rotating drum, in which textile material is dried by tumbling, and a heating device, which electrically heats the air used for drying the textile material in the rotating drum. The cGTbtn08SGP4.doc
95G/TBT/N/SGP/4SingaporeSingle-phase clothes dryer namely an assembly consisting of a rotating drum, in which textile material is dried by tumbling, and a heating device, which electrically heats the air used for drying the textile material in the rotating drum. The clothes dryGTbtn08SGP4.doc
96g/tbt/n/sgp/5SingaporeMotor vehicle namely a mechanically propelled vehicle intended or adapted for use on public roads which are part of HS87.03 and HS87.04. The motor vehicle (not being motor cycles or second-hand goods) shall be constructed for the carriage of:GTbtn08SGP5.doc
97G/TBT/N/ZAF/86South AfricaSoya beans (HS: 12.01)gtbtn08zaf86.doc
99G/TBT/N/CHE/99SwitzerlandFood contact materials (plastic materials, silicone materials).gtbtn08CHE99.doc
100G/TBT/N/TTO/49TogoSelf-ballasted lamps for general lighting services - Performance requirements (ICS 29.140.30)gtbtn08TTO49.doc
101G/TBT/N/TTO/48Trinidad And TobagoSelf-ballasted lamps for general lighting services - Safety requirements (ICS: 29.140.30).gtbtn08TTO48.doc
102g/tbt/n/tto/50Trinidad And TobagoSeasonal and Holiday Decorative Products (ICS 29.140.00)gtbtn08TTO50.doc
103g/tbt/n/tto/51Trinidad And TobagoPower Units other than Class 2 (ICS: 29.180.00)gtbtn08TTO51.doc
104G/TBT/N/TTO/52Trinidad And TobagoClass 2 Power Units (ICS: 29.180.00)gtbtn08TTO52.doc
105G/TBT/N/TTO/53Trinidad And TobagoFlexible Cords and Cables (ICS: 29.060.00)gtbtn08TTO53.doc
106G/TBT/N/TTO/54Trinidad And TobagoHermetic Refrigerants Motor Compressors (ICS: 29.160.30)gtbtn08TTO54.doc
107G/TBT/N/TTO/55Trinidad And TobagoUninterruptible Power Systems (ICS: 29.240)gtbtn08TTO55.doc
108G/TBT/N/TTO/56Trinidad And TobagoLuminaires (ICS: 29.140.40)gtbtn08TTO56.doc
109G/TBT/N/TTO/57Trinidad And TobagoAudio-Video Products and Accessories (ICS: 33.160.01)gtbtn08TTO57.doc
110G/TBT/N/TTO/58Trinidad And TobagoSpecification for Evidential Breath Analyzers. (ICS: 71.040.50)gtbtn08TTO58.doc
111G/TBT/N/TTO/59Trinidad And TobagoPPE - Industrial Safety Footwear - Specification. (ICS: 13.340.50)gtbtn08TTO59.doc
112G/TBT/N/TUN/21TunisiaFresh potatoes and tomatoesGTbtn08TUN21.doc
113G/TBT/N/TUN/22TunisiaPackaged natural mineral water and drinking waterGTbtn08TUN22.doc
114G/TBT/N/USA/407United State Of AmericaHPV chemicals (HS: 29) (ICS: 19, 71.080) GTbtn08USA407.doc
115g/tbt/n/usa/408United State Of AmericaCarbofuran gtbtn08USA408.doc
116G/TBT/N/URY/3UruguayBotanical seeds and plant propagation material.gtbtn08URY3.doc
117G/TBT/N/VNM/3VietnamIndustrial explosive materials (Explosives HS 3602.00 and Explosive Articles HS 3603.00)gtbtn08VNM3.doc