Technical Information Services


The world trade is growing bigger day by the day and with it comes the increased number of standards, technical regulations and conformity assessment procedures. The exporters and importers, user organizations & Government agencies are today faced with lack of information / clarity on the above.

Well, the help is at hand.

The Technical Information Services Department of BIS offers a range of services as enumerated below:

WTO-TBT Enquiry Point

Technical Enquiries about standards and technical regulations

World Manufacturer Identifier (WMI) Code

Issuers Identification Number (IIN)

Registered Application Provider Identifier (RID)


To obtain above services or any related information about the above services, please contact:

Head (IR&TISD),

Bureau of Indian Standards, Manak Bhawan,

9 B.S.Z Marg, New Delhi 110 002

or email at .


WTO-TBT Enquiry Point                                        Top

The Government of India, Ministry of Commerce has designated two WTO-TBT Enquiry Points under the Agreement on Technical Barriers to Trade of the World Trade Organization (WTO) to answer all reasonable inquiries from other members and interested parties concerning standards, technical regulations and conformity assessment procedures:

(i) Bureau of Indian Standards For all queries except the Telecom Sector, and
(ii) Telecommunication Engineering Centre (TEC) - for all queries related to the Telecom Sector

As an obligation under the Agreement on Technical Barriers to Trade (TBT Agreement) of World Trade Organisation (WTO), member countries of the WTO are required to report to the WTO, all proposed technical regulations that could affect trade with other Member countries. For India, Ministry of Commerce notifies the proposed technical regulations, standards &conformity assessment procedures to WTO, Geneva. Parties in other member countries wishing to make comments on the above notifications can obtain copies of the text from the relevant Enquiry Points.

As an initiative to serve the national stakeholders, BIS as the WTO-TBT Enquiry point provides the interested organizations and individuals an opportunity to review and comment on notifications of other members which can affect their trade interests, by electronically disseminating the TBT Notifications to the national stakeholders.

The relevant TBT Notification number should be stated in a request is made. Comments on the documents should be sent to the Enquiry Point as soon as possible preferably a fortnight before the expiry of the period of comments. The comments would be communicated to the Ministry of Commerce for onward transmission to the concerned Government.

For more details about the WTO-TBT Enquiry Point and to see WTO-TBT Notifications please click here

         Technical Enquiries:                                        Top

The Department also acts as a national clearing house for information on standards, technical regulations, conformity assessment procedures and related matters. The Department responds to enquiries received telephonically, personally, through letters, fax, e-mail, etc both from within and outside India on related subjects such as existence, applicability and correspondence of standards on a product, requirements therein, technical regulations applicable in a country, etc.  ( email address:  ).

BIS has also accepted the Code of Good Practice for the Preparation, Adoption and Application of Standards. In order to fulfill the resultant obligations, BIS provides a detailed Work Programme for each of the 14 Division Councils (under which standards are formulated) and these are updated periodically. The Work Programme, besides giving scope of Division Council and Sectional Committees, contains committee-wise position of standards published and draft standards (like preliminary, wide circulation and finalized draft standards) at different stages of preparation. The copies of Work Programme (and also of wide circulation drafts for comments during the wide circulation period) are also available on the BIS website  .

         World Manufacturer Identifier (WMI) Code                                        Top

BIS being the National Standards Body of India and the member of the International Organization for Standardization, assigns World Manufacturer Identifier (WMI) code to Indian Automotive Manufacturers for their worldwide identification. The WMI code constitutes the first section of the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) / chassis number and in conjunction with the remaining sections of VIN ensures uniqueness of the VIN for all the vehicles manufactured across the world. WMI code may be a combination of alphabetical or numerical characters. International Relations and Technical Information Services Department of BIS provides the service of assigning WMI code to Indian Automobile manufacturers in collaboration of the Society of Automotive Engineers Inc., USA, the international agency responsible for the maintenance of the WMI codes. BIS charges a nominal fee of Rs 5000/- + applicable Taxes for this service.


         Issuer Identification Numbers (IIN)                                        Top

ISO/IEC 7812 specifies a numbering system for the identification of issuers of identification cards used in international interchange. BIS, as the National Standards Body, is responsible for issue of Issuer Identification Numbers (IIN) to various card issuers for operation within the country. For Card issuers involving international interchange, BIS acts as the sponsoring authority to sponsor the application of Card Issuers to the Registering Authority appointed by ISO. BIS charges a nominal fee of Rs 5000/- + applicable Service Tax for this service.  (Documents required for getting the IIN number)


         Registered Application Provider Identifier (RID)                                         Top

Registered Application Provider Identifier (RID) is a part of an Application Identifier (AID), which is structured and assigned according to ISO/IEC 7816-5 and consists of two parts

a)      The RID, and

b)      Proprietary Application Identifier Extension (PIX) used to identify different applications or products.

In a multi-application environment, an application provider needs to be able to uniquely identify itself and its application in the card and the terminal needs to be able to support the application.

In case application is to be used internationally, one needs to apply for an international RID. Each Application Provider is assigned one unique RID. The Application Provider uses the PIX to identify its different applications or products.

To obtain an international ISO/IEC 7816-5 RID, a completed request for a Registered Application Provider Identifier should be sent to Bureau of Indian Standards along with registration fee. After verifying the request, the same is approved and forwarded to Registration Authority. BIS charges a fee of Rs 5000/- + applicable service tax for this service.